• March 2020 - Playtech (United Kingdom) is investing in Singapore in the Software & IT services sector in a Sales, Marketing & Support project
  • March 2020 - Raines International (United States) is investing in United States in the Business services sector in a Business Services project
  • March 2020 - Amazon.com (United States) is investing in Germany in the Consumer products sector in a Logistics, Distribution & Transportation project

What can we do for multilateral organisations / academia?

Our clients have access to the most comprehensive coverage of greenfield crossborder investment worldwide. fDi markets enables you to:

  • Analyse historic and current trends at multiple levels more
    • fDi Markets allows you to analyse crossborder investment trends by source, destination, sector, activity and much more. You can analyse trends from global to city level and by cluster, sector, sub-sector and activity. fDi Markets also provides access to over 10 years of data for comparison purposes with up-to-date information added each month. less
  • Validate your recommendations and complement your analysis more
    • fDi Markets is as a credible source of greenfield FDI information, allowing you to validate your recommendations, complement your own analysis and add independent data to your reports and white papers. less
  • Understand a company's crossborder investment strategy more
    • fDi Markets has profiled over 60,000 active investors. This allows you to understand how companies are mapping out their activities and value chains globally. You can examine where a company has invested to date; the types of projects they have invested in and any future plans for expansion. less
  • Save time and money more
    • fDi Markets provides instant access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of greenfield FDI projects in the world, saving your team time and money on independent research. less
  • Examine motives driving crossborder investment more
    • fDi Markets tracks the motives given by a company for selecting a particular location. You can then use this information to understand the key drivers in investment decisions based on actual data from investors. less

For more information on how fDi Markets can help your organisation, contact us.