• March 2020 - Playtech (United Kingdom) is investing in Singapore in the Software & IT services sector in a Sales, Marketing & Support project
  • March 2020 - Raines International (United States) is investing in United States in the Business services sector in a Business Services project
  • March 2020 - Amazon.com (United States) is investing in Germany in the Consumer products sector in a Logistics, Distribution & Transportation project

What can we do for companies?

Join a wide variety of companies – ranging from manufacturers to legal firms – that currently subscribe to the service. fDi Markets enables you to:

  • Develop new business and increase sales more
    • fDi Markets allows you to develop a robust pipeline of potential new clients and receive notifications when companies are planning to open new premises in the markets you serve. You can create and download a list of target companies and identify decision-makers in these organisations. less
  • Keep up-to-date with investment news from existing clients more
    • Receive instant alerts when an existing client announces a new investment project or an intention to invest. Detailed information is provided including when and where the company is planning to invest, well in advance of the new facility opening. This allows you to contact these organisations early in their supplier selection cycle. less
  • Inform your own investment strategy more
    • fDi Markets provides access to in-depth information on sectors, sub-sectors and activities which can help you identify opportunities and understand the potential within your market. You can also analyse investment trends at city-level. less
  • Understand crossborder investment trends and identify potential new export markets more
    • Understand the growth in overseas markets based on the actual size and growth of the greenfield FDI market. You can use the trends analysis to understand the size, potential and composition of markets or sectors. This allows you to realistically assess the attractiveness of a location and uncover new business opportunities. less
  • Acquire competitor intelligence more
    • Develop a clear understanding of your competitors’ global footprint and keep up-to-date with their foreign investment plans and strategy. less

For more information on how fDi Markets can help your organisation, contact us.