• March 2020 - Playtech (United Kingdom) is investing in Singapore in the Software & IT services sector in a Sales, Marketing & Support project
  • March 2020 - Raines International (United States) is investing in United States in the Business services sector in a Business Services project
  • March 2020 - Amazon.com (United States) is investing in Germany in the Consumer products sector in a Logistics, Distribution & Transportation project

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This is a small sample of our data - headline figures are available at country-level and across the leading industry sectors.

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Top 10 sectors by number of projects

Software & IT services 4,705
Business services 2,881
Textiles 2,714
Real estate 1,987
Food & Beverages 1,837
Consumer products 1,835
Financial services 1,808
Industrial equipment 1,649
Communications 1,585
Transportation & Warehousing 1,368

Figures shown are representative of data gathered from the last 24 months.

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