• March 2020 - Playtech (United Kingdom) is investing in Singapore in the Software & IT services sector in a Sales, Marketing & Support project
  • March 2020 - Raines International (United States) is investing in United States in the Business services sector in a Business Services project
  • March 2020 - Amazon.com (United States) is investing in Germany in the Consumer products sector in a Logistics, Distribution & Transportation project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is classified as a FDI project? more
    • fDi Markets tracks crossborder investment in a new physical project or expansion of an existing investment which creates new jobs and capital investment.

      Joint ventures are only included where they lead to a new physical operation. Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and other equity investments are not tracked.

      There is no minimum size for a project to be included. less

  • How often is data collected and updated? more
    • Data is collected real time as announced by a company and provided as a daily e-mail newswire and live updates online. Data goes through a rigorous quality control process, before being published at the end of each month to Trends Analysis and reporting tools. less

  • Does fDi Markets track investment and jobs? more
    • fDi Markets tracks information on capital investment and direct jobs associated with an FDI project.

      As companies do not always release information on investment amount or job creation, a proprietary econometric model estimates the jobs and investment where the actual value is not known.

      Customers have the option on fDi Markets to include or exclude these estimates. less

  • What industry classification does fDi Markets use? more
    • Each project tracked by fDi Markets is classified according to its cluster, sector, sub-sector and business activity, based on a proprietary industry classification system.

      The sub-sectors recorded in fDi Markets can be aligned with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2007. less

  • What information sources are used to collate and validate data for fDi Markets? more
    • A team of in-house analysts daily searches:

      • Financial Times newswires and internal information sources
      • Thousands of media sources, including all of the world's top business sources
      • Project data received from over 2,000 industry organisations and investment agencies
      • Data purchased from market research and publication companies

      Each project identified is cross-referenced against multiple sources, with primary focus on direct company sources.

      As our data is collected primarily from publicly available sources, Financial Times Ltd takes no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of the data. less