Useful for Multilateral organisations & Academics

We have a wealth of Multilateral organisations and Education bodies who currently use our platform who receive the following benefits.

Analyse historic and current trends at multiple levels

Analyse trends from global to city level and by cluster, sector, sub-sector and activity. fDi Markets also provides access to over 10 years of data for comparison purposes with up-to-date information added each month.

Key feature

Trends analysis

Validate your recommendations and complement your analysis

fDi Markets is as a credible source of greenfield FDI information, allowing you to validate your recommendations, complement your own analysis and add independent data to your reports and white papers.

Key feature

Project database

Understand a company's crossborder investment strategy

fDi Markets has profiled over 60,000 active investors. This allows you to understand how companies are mapping out their activities and value chains globally.

Key feature

Company database

Save time and money

fDi Markets provides instant access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of greenfield FDI projects in the world, saving your team time and money on independent research.

Key feature

Live data

Examine motives driving crossborder investment

fDi Markets tracks the motives given by a company for selecting a particular location. You can then use this information to understand the key drivers in investment decisions based on actual data from investors.

Key feature

Project database

Why fDi Markets?

Empowering research, investors and bodies attracting FDI worldwide

We have tracked investment activity from over 140,000 organisations in over 190 countries around the world and counting

How it works

Developed by fDi Intelligence

Part of the Financial Times Group, fDi Intelligence is recognised globally for its credible full range of investment promotion and research solutions.

Experts in FDI

Relied upon by the most prominent FDI professionals, we have provided in-depth commentary and comprehensive data and intelligence since 2001.

Unrivalled FDI analytics

Our data is chosen to power the most influential global FDI analytics, decision making and identify future opportunities and trends.

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Access industry-leading fDi data, today.

Make informed global investment decisions and identify trends using the most comprehensive greenfield FDI tracking database on the market.

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